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I like your dog.

"Umagon is a HORSE!" 

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"…?" He stared blankly, giving a slight tilt of the head.

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"Thanks!" He grinned.

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I ship you and Kiyo

"Oh." Sunbeam nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow. "Well then."

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I ship you and ponygon


"Umagon is my demon horse..” He emphasized the last word, hoping to make this strange person realize: he didn’t want to be fantasized with being in love with a tiny animal. 



Daisuke sat in a public library, starring down at the wooden table. He let out a soft sigh, out of boredom. Everyone seemed so busy lately and he was getting a bit lonely with living by himself. But he guessed everyone went through it. It was just something he had to work through and get over. 

"Even so.. it doesn’t fix my boredom.." He mumbled under his breath. 

Sunbeam found himself in the library. He needed someplace quiet to try and read his orange book. He hasn’t been able to get away and study it, and since he didn’t have work today now would be a good time. As he wandered into the building of books, his eyes shifted around. All the seats appeared to be taken by one or two people. He pursed his lips a bit, making his way up to a table. It was only occupied by a boy, so Sunbeam figured it shouldn’t be too much trouble sharing the space. 
"Excuse me..Would you mind if I sat here as well?" He asked, a smile on his face. 


Ah.. Actually, it’s the same with me.." He gave a light smile. "Normally they talk a lot and I sit quietly enjoying the conversation..” Kibum could sense the uneasy feeling that Sunbeam gave off, looking down for a moment. “You never have?.. Not even someone like your demon?.." He smiled. "I usually decide if people can see me or not.. I can make myself visible if I want to..

Sunbeam’s eyes widened a bit, giving a tilt of the head. This boy knew Umagon was a demon? Could he sense it? Perhaps he could..being something of a greater class, maybe he could sense when something was normal versus a higher power. “Can I did you know Umagon was a demon?” That being said, Sunbeam reached into the back pack he had laying on the floor, and pulled out the orange spell book. He placed it in his lap, waiting for the other to respond. If he was able to explain it, then it would help make conversation and it would help Kibum understand that Sunbeam and Umagon weren’t normal beings. 

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Open Para — Sunbeam’s walk home


"Poor thing" Nicole took off her yellow  scarf like that was around her neck and wrapped it around Umagon "There that should keep him warm for awhile" she told him.

"Why are you guys here again?" Cherish asked. She slightly forgotten because she was petting Umagon.

"meru meru me~" Umagon neighed happily, hugging the scarf around him securely. It was warm and started to warm him up quickly. Sunbeam smiled at his demon horse, then looked at Nicole, thanking her. He started petting Umagon’s head, looking at Cherish.
"Well I was helping Nicole find her way back here. She took a wrong turn when coming back to the hotel." He nodded. "We got wet on the way though"

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Kibum followed alongside him and took a seat on the sofa, letting his tea sit on the table to cool. He looked at Sunbeam and laughed softly before beginning to play with his fingers.”.. You’re not much of a talker either, I see?..” Kibum chewed on his lip. “Although you don’t need to worry.. I’m comfortable in silence.. The company is nice regardless.” Kibum nodded once and glanced at Sunbeam. He didn’t want to make him feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Sunbeam let out a small chuckle, nodding his head. “Yeah. Normally my other friends keep the conversation and I say a couple things.” 
It was nice to know Kibum didn’t mind the silence, but Sunbeam did. He felt the need for sound to be in the room. Probably because he wasn’t used to his guest yet, and having a small conversation going would help him break the ice. “I have to admit, I never met someone like you.” 
He lifted up his cup, blowing on it again and sipped from it. 
Since he couldn’t come up with anything else, he figured he would start asking some questions. “So..can people see you usually? You said you weren’t living..” He thought a moment wondering how he could see Kibum. Sunbeam could sense differences in others, but he didn’t think he could see ghosts and angels.